Benefits of the course

Right now, you’ll agree there’s a human cost to your ban, as well as the stigma and shame that comes with it.

Through the information and advice provided in the interactive course sessions, you will understand better the impact alcohol has on your driving, your body and your life and how it affects your family, friends and work.

At the end of the course, you can apply for a reduction in your ban (typically up to 25%) so let’s face it, attending is worth it!

Ban Duration Reduction
12 months up to 3 months
16 months up to 4 months
24 months up to 6 months
36 months up to 9 months

The IAM RoadSmart’s Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course (DDRC) can have a huge positive impact upon anyone convicted of drink driving, despite being only 15 hours in duration. And there’s no test or assessment to worry about, no pass or fail to an exam. DDRC has an informal and relaxed approach to learning and each trainer leading the course has an understanding of your situation and how it is affecting your life.

Of course, the reduction in your driving ban that you will receive as a result of attending means your everyday life can get back to normal even quicker. This can only be a good thing, so book your course today.