IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: 13/05/2020 09:32


In line with government advice please note that all our courses have been temporarily suspended. At the present time, we anticipate courses being able to resume on 1 July, and we have a system in place for rebooking courses on that basis. If government advice allows us to bring forward this date our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you to secure your place.



Where clients have already completed the first, or first and second day of the 3-day DDR course, DVSA has given a special dispensation to providers that allows them to temporarily deliver the balance of the course using a suitable digital platform. This will give all clients who have started, the opportunity to complete their rehabilitation course.

IAM RoadSmart is working hard to put the necessary arrangements in place and we anticipate that we will be ready to commence the booking process by Thursday the 7th of May. To help ensure that clients are able to complete the training there will be a range of course dates available.

We will prioritise allocation of courses based on your critical date and we ask that you do not contact us until we have sent out your invitation to book, this will allow us to manage our call volumes.

Please note that critical dates cannot be extended either by IAM RoadSmart or the courts, therefore, completion of the course is dependant on your attendance to an online course which must be completed before you reach your critical date. If you have already passed your critical date, unfortunately you will not be able to complete the remainder of your course online.



Clients due to expire before July 15th

The DVSA have advised the following:

  • We have been advised that no alternatives will be offered to those clients who, due to government advice on social distancing, are unable to complete the course before their critical date. Critical dates cannot be extended by either IAM RoadSmart or the courts. Unfortunately, this means you will serve your full ban.
  • At this stage courses that have not yet started cannot be delivered online. Using a suitably secure video conferencing alternative providers have only been given permission to complete courses for those that had started but were not completed before the lockdown was imposed.

For those clients where, due to critical date expiry, a refund of course fees paid is appropriate please note that these have already been processed and will have been credited to the account linked to the card you originally paid with.


Clients due to expire after July 15th

We have now contacted all clients who, following their cancellation, may be able to attend an alternative course before their critical date. If you haven’t heard from us, it may be because we hold an incorrect phone number or email address for you. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your options for rebooking.