About the Scheme

In the late 1980’s following a review of road traffic laws, the review committee recommended a long term trial to offer alcohol awareness courses to drink drive offenders; with the hope these courses would substantially reduce the chances of any attendee re-offending.

In 1993 pilot schemes were introduced and the results were most favourable, showing a clear reduction in levels of attendees re-offending.

In 1999 due to the success of the pilot scheme the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme was available in all regions and courts throughout the United Kingdom.

By attending IAM RoadSmart’s Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course (DDRC) you will develop greater alcohol awareness and become a more responsible, safer and knowledgeable driver.

We understand the consequence of being arrested, charged and convicted of a Drink Driving Offence may be very personal and traumatic. The impact of having a criminal record and fine is compounded by the loss of your driving licence and the worry of all other implications. We at the IAM RoadSmart will endeavour to support you through this difficult time.

Being offered the opportunity by the court to attend a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course should not be regarded as additional punishment or that it is believed you have an alcohol problem.

The court will offer you this course as an opportunity to take positive steps to assist you in developing your awareness, understanding and responsibility.

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