After the course

Attending the course will enable you to understand the process involving both The Court and DVLA.

This also includes obtaining your completion certificate for attending the DDRC, which is then sent to The Court as evidence of your attendance. The Court will then inform DVLA accordingly.

As you near the end of your ban, even with a possible reduction due to attending this course, you’ll be ready to begin driving again.

Important information about your completion date

You will be given a completion date by the courts, this date is a key factor in the timing of your DDRC. The date will be set by the magistrates at the time your referral order is made.

The completion date is the date by which you must have fully completed the course. You are advised to complete the course with plenty of time to spare. You are not allowed to complete your course later than this date.

The completion date will normally be set two months earlier than the date your licence would be returned to you if you have satisfactorily complete the course. This two month period is used to allow any correspondence and administrative procedures to take place without these elements impacting on your period of reduction.

We encourage you to book your IAM RoadSmart DDR course as soon as possible. Courses do tend to fill up quite quickly, the earlier you book onto a course, the more options and choices are available to you. We must point out to you that it is your responsibility to arrange your DDR course in good time. Last minute bookings should always try to be avoided.

The courts have no authority to extend completion dates, once it has been set it cannot be changed other than to correct obvious errors.

Motor insurance

Another consequence of being convicted of drink driving is the possibility of an increase to your insurance premium and/or an increase to the compulsory excess on the policy.

The IAM can help and support you by providing a list of insurance providers who have previously not penalised drink drivers and perhaps recognise the DDRC as beneficial to your rehabilitation and return to driving. However, the IAM cannot provide any assurances regarding insurance premiums nor cannot it correspond with any driver on this matter as this is the sole responsibility of the insurer or broker.

Getting your licence back

You need to apply for a new licence if your licence has been taken away because you’ve been disqualified before you can start driving again.

How you reapply for your licence depends on whether or not you are in the high risk offender category. You’re classed as a high risk offender if you were disqualified:

  • with an alcohol level of over 200 milligrams (mg) in 100 millilitres (ml) of blood, 87.5mg in 100ml of breath, or 267.5mg in 100ml of urine
  • twice in 10 years for being above the legal limit, or being unfit to drive because of drink
  • for failing to supply a breath, blood or urine sample for testing

Any other driving offences are classed as non-high risk.

Non high-risk offenders

DVLA will send you a D27 form 56 days before your disqualification period ends. You will need to fill in the form and return it to DVLA. You may need to send in a new passport-style photo with your application.

You need to make sure that DVLA have your most up-to-date details.

High risk offenders

DVLA will send you an application form 90 working days before your disqualification ends. This will be a D1 form for car and motorbike licences, and a D2 form for bus, coach and lorry licences.

If you don’t get your renewal form in the post you’ll need to order one from DVLA’s online form
ordering service

Medical examination with a DVLA doctor

Before you get your licence back you must have a medical examination with one of DVLA’s appointed doctors to prove you’re fit to drive. The examination will include:

  • a questionnaire about your medical history and use of alcohol
  • a physical examination
  • a urine test
  • blood tests

You’ll have to pay for your medical examination.

You can download the leaflet for more information on applying after disqualification for a drink driving offence.

Download ‘How to apply for your driving licence after being disqualified for drink driving’ (PDF)

Non-GB licence holders

DVLA will return your licence when your disqualification period ends.