COVID-19 Client Safety Guidelines


To ensure that we manage any risks associated with course delivery, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.

You must not attend and inform the customer care team if any of the following apply (You will be able to rebook once at no extra charge):

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
  • You are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
  • You have been advised to shield or shelter as part of a vulnerable group or caregiver for a vulnerable person – check for latest advice
  • You are part of a household where residents are any of the above.


The overriding principle must be: If either party has ANY concerns they should not attend the course

  • Be aware that, at present, the guidelines for leaving the house for other than essential reasons may be different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Please check your current regional restrictions which are constantly changing
  • Know the COVID-19 safe procedures to follow if you are using public transport/taxis
  • Face coverings must be worn by both parties, where social distancing is not possible for example at registrations (there may be circumstances where for medical reasons this is not advised, in these circumstances consider whether you should attend the course and if you do you MUST advise the office prior to attending)
  • You should carry any refreshments you may require
  • The best safety advice for clients is to follow the guidelines and procedures at a venue
  • Ensure you are following the latest NHS guidelines on how to stay safe e.g. washing hands regularly for 20 seconds etc
  • IAM RoadSmart reserve the right to cancel your training if the government guidelines change or if the trainer has any concerns about your health


Client Checklist for attending training course

The below checklist provides details of the mandatory items that must be followed to attend the course. Failure to do so may result in you being turned away by the trainer.


  1. Face Mask – must be worn at registration and when entering and leaving the training room where social distancing may not always be possible to minimise cross-contamination
  2. ID – must bring ID as per your booking confirmation
  3. Bring your own pen and paper to make notes
  4. If it is your 2nd or 3rd day you must bring your envelope with all your course material


  1. Hand sanitiser – venues will have hand washing facilities available, but you may wish to bring your own hand sanitiser
  2. Water and non-alcoholic drinks – we strongly recommend you bring enough for the whole day as none will be provided by the venue and there is no guarantee that canteens or nearby shops will be open for business as usual
  3. Lunch and snacks – we strongly recommend you bring own food as there is no guarantee that canteens or nearby shops will be open for business as usual. Please note you only have half an hour lunch break.
  4. Other safety measure items such as gloves, tissues, plastic bags etc. Use it appropriately and safely if required