Will my course be running?

Classroom course delivery in England and Wales will resume from July 2021. For a list of classroom venue locations click here

Online course delivery is now available in Wales and England.

If any changes to government advice require the course to be cancelled, we will be in touch to offer alternatives.  

Online Courses

To book your online course, click 'Book A Course', enter your client ID and postcode, at the bottom of the page change the Area to one of the below drop down options to see all the online courses available to book:

For Wales Online courses - select 'Wales -South East’ 

For England Online courses - select 'Area 14 Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Thames Valley'

We are working hard to ensure that we can offer a course to all clients who have not already passed their critical date. Some courses may need to be cancelled due to venue or trainer availability. If this happens, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative. 


What are you doing to ensure my safety if I attend the course?

All our venues will have undergone COVID-19 risk assessments and courses will only be going ahead where a strict set of safety requirements have been met. We will only be using venues where social distancing can be observed. Before your course we will issue our client COVID-19 guidelines so that you know what to bring with you to the course and what to expect on the day. If you haven't received this and your course starts within the next 7 days, please let us know. Adaptations have been made to course delivery to minimise risk where appropriate.


My critical date passed during lockdown and I couldn’t complete a course, what happens now?

Unfortunately, the DVSA have advised that they will not be extending anyone’s critical date or allowing them to book later in the year. We understand this is extremely frustrating for clients who wanted to complete the course but were not able to. Please note that IAM RoadSmart does not have the power to allow you to complete a course after your critical date. This means you will have to serve your full ban. If you would like to raise this with someone, we recommend you contact the DVSA directly at

Why aren’t you running courses online?

Classroom course delivery in England is resuming in August. Online course delivery is now available in Wales.

When will I receive my completion certificate?

Our staff are currently working from home and therefore, printing and posting facilities are unavailable. Your completion certificate was automatically sent to the court you were convicted at upon completion of the course as per our usual process. If your ban has not been adjusted on the DVSA website, we recommend you contact the court and ask them to process your certificate as they may not have done this yet.

I paid for a course, but I didn’t get to complete it because of COVID-19. Will I get a refund?

Where appropriate, IAM RoadSmart has refunded, in full, all clients who could not complete a course due to COVID-19. If you think you have not received a refund, please contact us as soon as possible and we will happily investigate this for you.




Course FAQs

Do I have to be referred by a court to attend a DDR Course?

You must be referred by a court to take part in DDR Scheme and to obtain a reduction in the driving ban.

When will I hear from IAM RoadSmart Driver Retraining Academy?

All courts will endeavour to forward your paperwork to us within 14 days, however at busy times this can take up to four weeks to do so.

If you have not heard from us within three weeks from the date of your court appearance, please contact us and we will look into the matter. Please remember if you have not heard from us you must contact us – we cannot help you if we have not got a record of your referral.

Will I have to talk about myself on the course?

IAM RoadSmart Driver Retraining Academy course has been structured around group work and activities, you will not have to stand up and talk about your experiences.

What happens if I’m late for a session?

IAM RoadSmart Driver Retraining Academy DDR Course has been structured in such a way that every minute is accounted for. Being late for the course should be avoided as it may lead to you being removed from the course.

Can I change my course?

Yes however you should contact the administration team for full information on this.

Can I take the course with another provider closer to my home address?

Yes you can, we will be happy to assist you with your transfer to your new chosen provider. You will need to contact the administration team for us to be able to carry out your request.

I have paid a deposit for a course and wish to use an alternative provider; do my fees transfer on to the new provider?

No each of the accredited DDRS course providers are independent of one another, you will need to contact the administration team who will be happy to discuss this process with you.

Can I pay for my course by instalments?

Yes, we will take a deposit on booking, please contact our contact centre on FREEPHONE 0300 303 1138 where one of our customer service team will be pleased to assist you.

I have a disability, will I be able to gain access to the venues?

All of our venues have good access and should not present problems for you, however we recommend you discuss any specific needs with the team when you book your course.

I have learning difficulties will this stop me from attending?

Certainly not, all of our trainers are experienced in assisting people with different types of learning abilities and will try to give you as much assistance as you need with the minimum of fuss. Just explain your particular needs when you book the course and we will do the rest.

English is not my first language can I still attend the course?

The DDR course does require you to have a basic level of English, this is so you can understand and follow the course. However we will allow you to bring an interpreter or a friend if they are fluent in both languages. Please tell us before you book your course so we can make sure we allow extra space in the class.

If you need to have the services of an interpreter or friend, it is your responsibility to make the arrangements and cover any financial costs.

I have hearing difficulties, can I still attend the course?

Yes we are able to provide a portable loop system for classroom use, however if you would prefer to bring an interpreter you may, all we ask is that you let us know at time of booking so we can make sure we allow extra space in the class.

If you need to have the services of an interpreter or friend, it is your responsibility to make the arrangements and cover any financial costs.

I have just received a notice of Non-Completion –what does it mean?

As your chosen course provider we are required to send you a Notice of Non-Completion if you have not completed a course before your completion date has passed.

It means is that you have exceeded the time allowed to complete a course and that you will no longer be entitled to have a reduction in your ban. You can no longer undertake a DDRS course.

Your full period of disqualification will now stand.

Can I extend my completion date in order to complete a course?

No, the completion date is fixed and cannot be amended either by the issuing court or the course provider. It remains your responsibility to undertake a course in sufficient time for you to complete all three days of the course before the completion date.

Will I have to take a medical before I get my licence returned?

If you are designated under the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme as a ‘High Risk Offender’, you will need to have a medical before your licence can be returned to you.

A ‘High Risk Offender’ would be someone who ‘Failed to provide a specimen for analysis without reasonable cause’, or someone who had an alcohol reading exceeding 87.5 micrograms/100 mls of Breath, 200 milligrams/100 mls of Blood, 267.5 milligrams/100 mls of Urine or finally someone who has been disqualified on two separate occasions within a ten year period for any Drink Drive Offence.